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MND Support and Information

If you are admitted to hospital please ask a relative or a nurse on the ward to inform the MND care Co-ordinator at Sheffield Teaching hospitals trust on Tel: 0114 222 2266 so that we can offer them support and advice about MND as required.

An answer phone is available out of office hours. For urgent advice please contact MND connect or your own GP.


What's the difference between MND and ALS?


Guide to Riluzole


Complementary Therapies available through centre


Welfare Advice


Guide to PEG/PIG


Guide to Respiratory management/NIV


Guide to Advanced Decision to Refuse Treatment


Brain and Spinal Cord Donation


Planning Ahead



Links for Research

Sheffield Institute for Translational Neurosciences 

The School of Health and Related Research 

Dementia and Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Network  




Links to MND support groups and information sources

There are several support groups providing comprehensive information for patients and carers living with MND.

1. The Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) has an excellent website including sections on diagnosis, symptom management, local contacts and current research. MND Scotland is a site aimed particularly at those patients living in Scotland.

2. Click here to visit our web-based resource MyTube for more information about feeding tubes.

3. Click here to visit our web-based resource MyNIV - a guide to using non-invasive ventilation for people living with motor neurone disease.

4. The South Yorkshire Branch of the MNDA also has a website.

5. Healthtalk online has video interviews with 46 MND patients and their carers, detailing their experiences of all aspects of the condition.

6. Build-UK is an MND network where patients and carers can share advice and ideas.

7. Patients Like Me is a global patient networking site covering several disease-based groups, including one for MND/ALS.

8. The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association (ALSA) is a US-based site that provides a similar range of information as the MNDA (see above).

9. The ALS Therapy Development Foundation is a non-profit biotechnology company aiming to discover new treatments. This website concentrates more on current research.

10. If you wish to discuss your condition with other people living with MND then this option is available via the MNDA Forum here


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